Indiana Bonding Bail Bonds
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Martinsville  IN  46151
  • We Offer the CHEAPEST / LOWEST COST Bail Bonds   
    Call for a free Quote Today.  Any bondsman offering a
    bond at a lower price or without collecting 10% prior to
    posting the bond is committing a felony crime. Bond
    amounts are set by a Judge in each county based on
    charges and should not vary by Indiana State Law.

  • Free Bond Consultation and Information: Just Call any time
    24Hrs a Day 7 Days a Week. Get answers to these
    commonly asked questions. What have they been
    charged with? How much money is it going to cost to get
    someone out of jail? When can they post a bond? Are they
    eligible to post a bond. Do they have any HOLDS from
    other counties. Can you post their bond or do you meet the
    requirements to post the bond?

  • FAST, Confidential, Experienced Service. Past 20 years
    have been around this business in one form or another
    since 1994. Former Police Officer, Jail Officer here and
    Arizona, and Licensed Bail Bondsman.

  • Indiana Department of Insurance, Licensed Bail Bondsman
    and Licensed Fugitive Recovery Agent.

  • Free Active Warrant Checks for Morgan and surrounding
    counties. Call Office during normal business hours 9am -

  • We offer Step by Step walk through with our clients from
    start of the bond process to the release of the Person
    bonded when the court proceedings are finished. It all
    starts with your phone call.

  • Warrant Walk-In / Walk-Out Service: For taking care of
    active warrants. Call for Details. This is fastest way in/out
    of jail.

  • Jail Information provided: How to find someone thats been
    locked up by the police. Where and What Jail they have
    been taken to.  What crimes they've been charged with,
    Bond Amount, When or how long the wait until eligible
      to post bond. Where the persons vehicle was impounded
      and what towing company has it.