Indiana Bonding Bail Bonds
710 W Morgan St. Suite -
Martinsville  IN  46151
Earn Extra Cash:
How you ask? We buy or pay for Information. We need your HELP. Do you know any of these
wanted Fugitives? Could be a relative, neighbor, friend of a friend, past or present co-worker or an
X-old boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can provide an exact address that leads to the arrest/capture
you just earned cash!  One TIME!  Part TIME or All the TIME!
HIGHLY Confidential, Discreet Transactions
Andrea Jackson

Last known Address: Mooresville, IN or
Martinsville, IN Area

Age: 21

Charges: Neglect of Her Child and Known
Drug Abuser
Phillip Ureno Jr

Last Known Address: Martinsville, IN or
La Verne, CA

Age: 24

Charges: Operating While Intox, Minor
Consumption Alcohol, Public Intox
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